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Case Studies

Efficient design and advanced engineering place Dry Coolers a step ahead of your ever changing industrial processing demands. We can tackle any type of cooling system from lasers to distillation equipment and compressors to truck-mounted mobile units. Our engineers have seen just about everything under the sun - browse the case studies below to see real world examples of our work.

TO-HY hydronic pump station

Project Goal: Develop a fully redundant packaged tower water cooling system to reject heat from a grow facility HVAC system. The installation is located in a small space at the end of a grow facility building.

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Cannabis grow house

Project Goal: Provide a reliable, low energy and safe air cooled heat exchanger for the cooling of Bitcoin cryptocurrency mining bath. Fluid to be cooled is BitCool BC-888 dielectric coolant manufactured by Engineered Fluids.

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Data center Quench Baths

Project Goal: Low noise level for operators working nearby and smallest possible foot print.

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Project Goal: Provide a reliable and safe air cooled heat exchanger for the cooling of quench oil in a heat treat manufacturing line

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heat treat Atmosphere Heat Treating Furnaces

Project Goal: Develop a highly reliable cooling system for safe operation of the HIP.

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Heat Treating

Project Goal: Design a compact, low profile turbine oil cooling system for cooling high-speed bearings.

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Tire Manufacturing Automotive Manufacturing

Project Goal: Provide pumping station, heat exchanger, chiller package and control panel that meet specifications all within the limited size available on the factory floor.

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Automotive Vacuum Furnaces

Project Goal: Provide extremely precise temperature conrol over a very wide range of operating profiles

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Project Goal: Provide a dependable cooling option with low operating costs.

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Power Generation Energy

Project Goal: Design and build a highly reliable fire suppressant metering system for dousing coal fires at a power plant.

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Coal Storage Energy