AquaVent AVR Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger

Reliable, high-efficiency, air-cooled heat exchanger

The AquaVent AVR is a reliable, low-maintenance, air-cooled heat exchanger widely used to cool closed-loop processes where the fluid temperature is close to ambient.  


Inside the AVR, warm process fluid passes through a finned copper tube bundle. Fans mounted on top of the AVR draw cool ambient air through the heat exchanger to cool the fluid.

On hot summer days, the AVR will supply fluid at 95°F (35°C) or above in most locations. As ambient air cools down, the fans automatically shut off to regulate the temperature to the desired setpoint.


The copper tube bundle must be protected from freeze damage. Dry Coolers will recommend a glycol–water mixture appropriate to your installed location.

Standard Features

  • Corrugated aluminum fins for greater efficiency
  • Seamless 0.5″ OD copper tubes are mechanically expanded into the aluminum fins
  • Direct-drive, axial propeller fans with sheet metal blades, individually balanced
  • ODP fan motors (IP12), 0.5–1.5 HP, suitable for outdoor service
  • Galvanized exterior plenum with interior fan dividers prevent recirculation between fans

Options & Upgrades

  • Stacking configuration
  • Cottonwood screens
  • Fan cycling control
  • Customized fin material and coatings
  • TEAO fan motors
  • Factory-mounted UL508A control panel
  • Mist-Assist trim cooling