MW Series Closed-Circuit Evaporative Cooling Tower

Highly efficient, corrosion-resistant, closed-circuit evaporative cooling tower

The MW Series Closed-Circuit Evaporative Cooling Tower is a compact, highly efficient counterflow tower with a built-in copper tube heat exchanger for cooling process water. 


Clean process fluid circulates from the facility through the copper-tube heat exchanger inside the cooling tower.

Fans on top of the tower draw air through louvers on the side of the tower. The air passes upward through the fill material, over the copper-tube heat exchanger. Cool water from the tower’s stainless-steel basin is pumped over the heat exchanger tubes. As the water exchanges heat with the air, a small amount of water evaporates, aiding the fluid cooling process. The cooling tower fans turn on and off as needed to regulate the water temperature.


For optimum performance, Dry Coolers recommends:

  • periodic tightening of drive belts, inspection of the tower basin and spray system,
  • freeze protection for any process fluids in freezing climates, and
  • water treatment and monitoring of the basin water to reduce scaling and potential biological growth.

Standard Features

  • 5/8″ heavy-wall copper tube heat exchanger for excellent heat transfer and corrosion resistance
  • Fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene fans for durability and cost savings
  • All-stainless-steel basin for corrosion protection
  • Externally mounted motors for easy belt adjustment
  • All-season performance, including freezing climates
  • Low-noise operation fans that can be individually cycled for optimum efficiency
  • Fixed distribution, non-clogging nozzles with variable flow rates
  • Removable stainless-steel doors for easy access
  • Certified by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) according to STD-201 standards

Options & Upgrades

  • All stainless-steel casing construction (upper and lower sections)
  • Basin heater for freeze protection
  • Variable-speed fans
  • Basin filtration
  • Dual inlet/outlet connections
  • High-flow versions available