Cryptominer Immersion Fluid Bath Cooling

Georgia, USA

A cryptocurrency miner was looking for an air cooled solution for cooling an immersion fluid cooling bath.  The operation has a 420 kW heat load coming from over 300 ASIC miners each releasing 1300 watts.  Customer specified BitCool BC-888 dielectric fluid. This fluid can be as warm as 58°C (136.4°F). Using local weather data we determined an ambient air design temperature of 37.2°C (99°F) was acceptable. The 50°C bath temperature points to a simple Dry Cooler air cooled heat exchanger solution.  A 3 fan AVI dry cooler along with a 100 GPM pump was selected.   

Project Goal

Provide a reliable, low energy and safe air cooled heat exchanger for the cooling of Bitcoin cryptocurrency mining bath. Fluid to be cooled is BitCool BC-888 dielectric coolant manufactured by Engineered Fluids.

Project Results

High quality and reliable AVI fluid cooler with redundant fans to keep the mining bath cool in a safe and consistent manner.