ThermoFlow Plate Heat Exchanger

Cleanable, high-efficiency plate heat exchanger

The ThermoFlow Plate Heat Exchanger distributes fluids evenly across stainless-steel plates for high efficiency heat transfer.

Inlet and outlet ports minimize contact points and are grooved to prevent “dead spots” where bacteria growth may occur. Plate patterns with varying chevron angles (high- and low-theta designs) can be combined to optimize thermal efficiency and pressure drop for a particular application. 

Plates feature deep, steep-edged, protected grooves to secure the gasket, simplify gasket replacement, and extend the life of both gaskets and plates. Glueless clip-on gaskets use durable rubber buttons for secure placement.

ThermoFlow heat exchangers come in a wide variety of sizes and plate configurations.


Process and cooling fluids circulate through alternating channels between a series of grooved plates. Inlet and outlet ports keep both fluids flowing in serial, parallel, or mixed streams between the plates.


To maintain peak efficiency and prevent clogging, Dry Coolers recommends providing upstream filtration, monitoring pressure drops, and cleaning the plates as needed. The ThermoFlow is designed for easy disassembly and cleaning.

Standard Features

  • Stainless steel plates (AISI 304/316) for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Grooved inlet ports for clean, unobstructed fluid flow
  • Clip-on nitrile or EPDM gaskets for easy removal and cleaning

Options & Upgrades

  • Heavy duty, free-flow plates for fluids prone to clogging
  • Titanium plates