AquaVent FC-AVI Free Cooler

Supplemental cooling for energy and cost savings in winter

The Aqua-Vent FC-AVI Series Free Cooler is a low-maintenance, air-cooled heat exchange system that automatically offloads chillers in cool weather. Reduces energy cost and compressor operating hours on chillers for rapid payback.


The Free Cooler turns on and off according to ambient temperature, minimizing chiller run-time and maximizing energy savings. During cool weather, the copper-tube heat exchanger uses cool ambient air to directly cool the process fluid.


The Free Cooler system is very low maintenance, involving only seasonal cleaning of the finned surface as needed.

Standard Features

  • Variable-speed fans for quiet operation and accurate temperature control
  • Factory-mounted and piped circulating pump for easy installation
  • Copper-tube heat exchanger with polymer-coated aluminum fins for corrosion protection
  • NEMA 4 UL 508A control panel with PLC for monitoring and controlling temperature
  • Standard 2-, 3- and 4-fan configurations to suit specific cooling requirements
  • Factory assembled and tested in USA

Options & Upgrades

  • BAC Net connectivity for remote monitoring
  • Stacking kit to reduce footprint
  • Backup pump
  • Fully customizable system that can be made to fit any application or cooling requirements