Dry Coolers specializes in industrial fluid cooling systems. Since 1985, we have designed and manufactured a range of industrial fluid cooling systems, from small, standard point-of-service cooling solutions to complex, plant-wide systems. Dry Coolers provides right-sized, reliable, and energy-efficient cooling solutions for the specific needs of customers around the world.

The Dry Coolers team at our office in Oxford, MI

With extensive application engineering expertise and a broad palette of equipment options, Dry Coolers selects the simplest, most cost-effective solution for each customer’s process. For more demanding applications, Dry Coolers evaluates customers’ process, equipment, and facility requirements to optimize the design for their specific situation.

Dry Coolers simplifies the customer experience by

  • Providing process flow diagrams, 3-D layout drawings, and electrical drawings for efficient review; 
  • Shipping equipment that’s designed for hassle-free installation and maintenance; and 
  • Providing complete documentation for smooth, reliable operation. 

Customers receive personalized attention across the process, with design, engineering, and manufacturing all located at Dry Coolers’ Oxford, MI facility.

Dry Coolers equipment cools a diverse range of processes supporting a wide variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, broadcasting, agriculture, and energy. From heavy-production metal heat-treating furnaces to agricultural facilities in arid environments and secure telecommunications data centers, Dry Coolers works with customers to find the best cooling solution for their process. 

Experience with hundreds of applications, engineering expertise, and a consistent focus on customer needs have made Dry Coolers a trusted provider of reliable industrial fluid cooling systems.  

Our Mission

Dry Coolers Inc. is committed to providing high quality and cost-efficient heat transfer equipment to industry. To achieve this, we are dedicated to the continual improvement of our services and our company. We endeavor to respect the needs of our customers, our valued employees, the community, and the environment.

Our Core Values

  • Commitment to excellent design, engineering, and manufacturing practices 
  • Attention to our customers’ needs throughout the equipment life cycle
  • Respect for our employees, our community, and the environment
  • Exploration of new and challenging applications and technologies
  • Continuous product improvement