CleanLOOP CX Series Pump Station

Non-pressurized, closed-loop pump station to eliminate backpressure on sensitive equipment

The CleanLOOP CX Series Pump Station is a robust, closed-loop system for circulating treated water through the facility, protecting equipment from corrosion and scaling. The CX Pump Station is often designed with a large, non-pressurized reservoir to absorb the thermal load, stabilize the system temperature and pressure, and protect sensitive equipment.


The CX Series Pump Station runs continuously to circulate fluid through heat exchangers and facility equipment. It is used in conjunction with Dry Coolers AquaVent air-cooled heat exchangers, closed-circuit evaporative towers, or mechanical chillers.

The CX Pump Station is self-regulating for hassle-free operation. It automatically vents air and absorbs pressure and temperature changes to maintain fill volume, pressure, and temperature.


The CX Pump Station is easy to fill, vent, and maintain. The reservoir’s sight glass and inspection port provide convenient monitoring of water level and quality. The CX Pump Station’s closed-loop design is inherently low-maintenance, preventing problems with water quality, corrosion, and scaling.

Standard Features

  • Premium efficiency TEFC pumps for optimal performance
  • Large, non-pressurized reservoir absorbs thermal expansion
  • Reservoir sight glass and inspection port for easy monitoring
  • Reservoir blanket valve for corrosion protection
  • Plate heat exchanger provided on most systems
  • Power loss backup pump for continuous fluid circulation during power outages
  • Copper or welded carbon steel pipe construction
  • Control panel meets UL 508A standards
  • Skid-mounted, pre-piped, pre-wired, and factory-tested for easy installation and startup

Options & Upgrades

  • Non-ferrous construction
  • Duplex backup electric pump
  • Variable-frequency drives
  • Pump safety switches
  • Side-stream filtration
  • Outdoor enclosures
  • ASME certification
  • On-site startup