CleanLOOP WVF Series Waterfall Pump Station

Closed-loop pump station with overhead "waterfall" tank for reduced footprint

The CleanLOOP WVF Series Waterfall Pump Station is a closed-loop system with an elevated, non-pressurized tank. The elevated tank reduces the equipment footprint and provides access to pumps, strainers, and filters from all sides.

The Waterfall Pump Station is often used in conjunction with Dry Coolers AquaVent air-cooled heat exchangers, closed-circuit evaporative towers, or mechanical chillers.


The Waterfall Pump Station runs continuously, circulating process fluid between the facility and the cooling tower. In Duplex (dual-pump) models, the backup pump will turn on immediately upon loss of pressure from the primary pump.


The Waterfall Pump Station is easy to access from all sides. Its closed-loop design is inherently low-maintenance, preventing problems with water quality, corrosion, and scaling. Dry Coolers recommends water treatment and monitoring of supply and return pressures in the system.

Standard Features

  • Large non-pressurized tank limits temperature rise
  • Integrated structural stand for mounting tank over the pump station
  • Premium efficiency TEFC pumps for optimal performance
  • Isolation valves for safety and maintenance
  • Control panel meets UL 508A standards
  • Digital indicating temperature controller for easy monitoring and control
  • Alignment tabs and fasteners for simple tank mounting
  • Flexible pipe connectors for trouble-free pipe connections
  • Cleanable plate heat exchanger for efficient flow
  • Pre-wired, pre-plumbed, skid-mounted, and factory-tested for quick and easy installation.

Options & Upgrades

  • Low water level cut-out switch with alarm
  • Redundant pump with pressure switch
  • Integrated strainer to remove debris
  • Variable-frequency drives
  • Filtration
  • Water treatment
  • LED lights below tank
  • Sound curtain