Full detailed drawings and schematics are provided to facilitate future system expansions and maintenance. Only high quality industrial enclosures and components are used in construction so you will experience years of trouble-free operation. Indicating lights, alarms, and control logic are engineered into the system from the start. We are also capable of full network integration with whatever protocols that your plant already utilizes. Our goal when building control panels if to make the operation of our machines as simple as posible including maintenance, expansion, and integration into existing systems.

Standard Features

  • UL 508a or CE mark for global delivery
  • Neat wiring, labels, and documentation
  • Built in-house and run-tested to ensure trouble-free start-up

Options & Upgrades

  • Explosion-proof panels
  • Variable speed drives
  • Integration with various communication protocols
  • Touch-screen controls
  • Built to your specifications for layout and/or specific component brands