Fire Suppression System

Detroit Edison

Coal Bunker in East China, Michigan

Custom Fire Suppression System Designed for Detroit Edison

Dry Coolers, Inc. supplied one steel frame pump skid with fire suppression agent storage tank, pumping and mixing equipment  including controls, pipe, valves and fittings to the St. Clair Coal Bunker Fire Suppression System. 

This custom pumping system required specific integration with the rest of the fire suppression system, which made pressure maintenance essential. We had to design a pumping system that could maintain a specific, constant, pressure and also be able to provide high pressure and flow rate at a moments notice. The fire suppression fluid itself also provided unique challenges of foaming and pressure variations. This forced us to design the piping and tanks with concern to fluid turbulence and pressure relief. 

This project also had strict safety and redundancy regulations. Alarms were provided that monitored tank overfill, underfill, auto shutoff and pressure. Physical human redundancy was also provided in the form of Pyrex sight glass with stainless steel fittings, isolation valves and protective rod.

This project presented rare difficulties but we were able to find reliable solutions for this essential piece of machinery.

Project Goal

Design and build a highly reliable fire suppressant metering system for dousing coal fires at a power plant.

Project Results

Both Detroit Edison and local safety inspectors approved our machine with no difficulties because we placed such strong emphasis on meeting product specifications.