CleanLOOP HY Series Hydronic Pump Station

Pressurized, closed-loop pump station with expansion tank

The CleanLOOP HY Series Hydronic Pump Station is a packaged, pressurized, closed-loop system for circulating treated water through the facility. The Hydronic Pump Station maintains positive pressure on system equipment regardless of its elevation, making it a reliable solution for multi-story facilities.


The Hydronic Pump Station runs continuously, circulating treated water through the facility. Any thermal expansion of the treated water is handled by the expansion tank, so system pressure is maintained. When the pump station is turned off, the system remains pressurized, releasing air through the vents and separator as needed.

The Hydronic Pump Station is often used in conjunction with Dry Coolers AquaVent air-cooled heat exchangers, closed-circuit evaporative towers, or mechanical chillers.


The Hydronic Pump Station’s closed-loop design is inherently low-maintenance, preventing problems with water quality, corrosion, and scaling. Dry Coolers recommends water treatment and monitoring of supply and return pressures in the system.

Standard Features

  • Premium efficiency TEFC pumps for optimal performance
  • ASME centrifugal air separator eliminates air from system
  • Pump suction strainers for long life
  • Expansion tank handles thermal expansion
  • Isolation valves for safety and maintenance
  • Welded steel pipe construction for durability
  • Control panel meets UL 508A standards
  • Pre-wired, pre-plumbed, and factory-tested for easy installation and startup

Options & Upgrades

  • Variable-frequency drives
  • Low/high-pressure alarms
  • Pump safety switches
  • Chemical pot feeder
  • Insulation for cold or hot applications
  • Side-stream filtration
  • Heater
  • Outdoor enclosures
  • ASME certification
  • On-site startup