Power Plant Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

NRG Energy

Long Beach, California

Large Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger Job for NRG Energy

Our customer requested this extremely large set of air-cooled heat exchangers because of their overall reliability, low operating costs and the fact that it will never interrupt production.

Air-cooled heat exchangers allow for closed loop systems that eliminate potential fluid contamination, a problem that has been associated with cooling towers. They also are much more reliable than using chillers for cooling because if one, or even a few, fans stop working production can continue at the same time as repairs are underway. Air-cooled heat exchangers also have the added benefit of consuming less power than refrigerant based coolers because there is no need for a compressor. All of these benefits can be realized in both smaller, more traditional air-cooled heat exchanger setups and very large series like this one.

Project Goal

Provide a dependable cooling option with low operating costs.

Project Results

A highly dependable system that requires no downtime for maintenance and costs less to run.