CleanLOOP NF Series Non-Ferrous Pump Station

Nonferrous, closed-loop pump station for low-conductivity cooling fluids

The CleanLOOP NF Series Non-Ferrous Pump Station is a packaged, closed-loop system for circulating low-conductivity fluid through sensitive equipment. Standard construction uses 304 stainless steel, copper, bronze, and brass for piping, pumps, valves, and instrumentation. A temperature control valve is often provided to prevent condensation.


The NF Series Pump Station runs continuously, circulating low-conductivity fluid through the facility. In Duplex (dual-pump) models, the backup pump will turn on immediately upon loss of pressure from the primary pump.

The NF Pump Station is often used in conjunction with Dry Coolers AquaVent air-cooled heat exchangers, closed-circuit evaporative towers, or mechanical chillers.


Periodic monitoring of water quality may be required to ensure low conductivity. With proper closed-loop water treatment, the system will protect connected equipment from corrosion, scale, and debris, eliminating downtime and efficiency losses due to water quality issues.

Standard Features

  • Premium efficiency TEFC pumps for optimal performance
  • Welded stainless steel or sweat copper pipe construction
  • Stainless or poly tank for corrosion resistance
  • Isolation valves for safety and maintenance
  • Control panel meets UL 508A standards
  • Pre-wired, pre-plumbed, and factory-tested for quick and easy installation

Options & Upgrades

  • Variable-frequency drives
  • Pump safety switches
  • Insulation for cold or hot applications
  • Filtration
  • Heater
  • ASME certification
  • On-site startup