FGCT Series Fiberglass Evaporative Cooling Tower

Highly efficient, corrosion-free, open evaporative cooling tower

The FGCT Fiberglass Evaporative Cooling Tower is a highly efficient counterflow evaporative tower for cooling process water near 85°F (30°C) in most climates. The FGCT saves approximately 97% of water compared to once-through tap water systems.


Warm water enters the top of the FGCT and cascades down through the fill material. At the same time, air enters through louvers on the side of the tower and flows upward through the fill material, drawn by an induced-draft fan mounted on top of the tower. As the warm water cascades down through the fill material, a small amount of water evaporates, creating the cooling effect. The cooled water gravity-drains from the tower basin to an indoor OpenLOOP pump station. Cooling tower fans turn on and off as needed to regulate the water temperature.


For optimum performance, Dry Coolers recommends water treatment and monitoring of the basin water to reduce scaling and potential biological growth.

Standard Features

  • Seamless fiberglass basin and body casing eliminate water leaks that can cause water waste and freezing
  • Low-drift design minimizes moisture loss that can cause icing and other problems
  • Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic construction provides excellent corrosion and weather resistance
  • Direct-drive fans provide reliable operation with minimal maintenance and no belts to adjust
  • Non-contact, non-wearing, permanent bearing protection ensure maintenance-free fan motors in the humid cooling tower environment; no lubrication required
  • Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) certified
  • Long life – At 30+ years, the FGCT doubles the life-span of a galvanized steel tower
  • 15-year warranty

Options & Upgrades

  • Cottonwood screens
  • Variable-speed fans
  • Vibration switch
  • Tower ladder and fan access platform
  • Davit and hoist for fan removal
  • Basin filtration