Solanus SQC Quench Cooler

Rugged air-cooled heat exchanger for safe, efficient quench oil cooling


The Solanus SQC Quench Cooler is an inherently safe method of cooling high-temperature quench oil tanks. Because the cooling medium is ambient air, the Solanus SQC Quench Cooler eliminates the risk posed by water-cooled systems, where any water contaminating the quench tank could cause a fire or explosion.


Hot quench oil (100° to 350°F / 38° to 177°C) circulates through heavy-walled, large-diameter, finned tubes that can handle the quench oil’s turbulent, high-velocity flow. Direct-drive propeller fans underneath the SQC push cooler ambient air across the tubes, and fan staging provides precise temperature control.


The SQC minimizes tube fouling and plugging by allowing even dirty quench oil to circulate at high velocities, scrubbing the inside of the tubes. Manual tube cleaning is also easy, thanks to its removable cover plate and straight-through tube design.

Standard Features

  • Air cooling eliminates risk of water contamination in quench oil tank
  • Large diameter tubes resist fouling and plugging
  • Removable cover plate for easy access to tubing
  • Powder-coated galvanneal housing – great appearance, long life
  • One-piece fan design for easy access to fins and motor
  • Heavy-walled, 1-inch diameter tubes for thermally efficient turbulent flow and long life
  • Removable, corrosion-resistant fin guard for easy cleaning and low maintenance
  • Sliding rail system eliminates stress on tubes

Options & Upgrades

  • Fan motor safety disconnect switch
  • All-iron circulation pump
  • Control panel with digital temperature controller