ThermoFlow Plate Heat Exchanger

The ThermoFlow Plate Heat Exchanger distributes fluids evenly across stainless-steel plates for high efficiency heat transfer.

CyClean Centrifugal Separator

The CyClean Separator is a centrifugal separator specifically designed to filter cooling tower water.

Stainless Steel Bag Filters

An ideal fit for your solids separation system, our single bag housing ensures positive seal and media compression, eliminating the potential for bypass.


Dry Coolers can add variable speed pumps or fans, level and pressure sensors, tank level sensors and more.

Water Treatment

Open cooling tower water can get dirty and polluted with algae, molds and bacteria. A proper water treatment program is essential.

Centrifugal Pumps

The pump can be the most important component of your cooling system. Visit our company Kinetic Pump to view our line of close coupled, end-suction, center vertical discharge centrifugal pumps.