Cannabis Grow Facility Central Plant Water Cooling System


TO-HY hydronic pump station

A large amount of energy is consumed at a cannabis grow facility to regulate the temperature and humidity in each room. As a grow room cycles through “daylight” and “nighttime” hours, the room temperature and humidity level change dramatically. During the “day”, the grow lights add a lot of heat to the room that must be rejected by the HVAC system. During the “night”, the plants transpire water and the room humidity increases. The moisture in the room must be controlled to prevent mold. An energy efficient chiller system will reject heat during the “day” cycle and at “night” will utilize hot gas reheat to dehumidify and re-warm the air.  

The Dry Coolers solution utilizes dual evaporative tower water loops with integrated filtration systems and plate heat exchanger to isolate tower water from the closed-loop plant water. The redundant system allows one water system to be turned OFF for servicing when needed. Filtration is built into the system to continuously polish the cooling tower water. The closed-loop side feeds the grow facility and will keep the water cooled condensers clean. Our system uses energy efficient pumps and variable frequency drives to self-regulate the plant supply water pressure as the facility load changes.  The resulting package provides over 1000 tons of cooling in a very small footprint.

Project Goal

Develop a fully redundant packaged tower water cooling system to reject heat from a grow facility HVAC system. The installation is located in a small space at the end of a grow facility building.

Project Results

Compact design, high-efficient cooling system nicely integrated into the building.