Pump stations continuously circulate fluid through facility equipment and cooling systems, which may include air-cooled heat exchangers, closed-circuit evaporative cooling towers, or mechanical chillers.

Open-loop pump stations are primarily used to circulate water through an “open” evaporative tower, where the water is exposed directly to the surrounding air. Open-loop pump stations are designed to handle the water quality issues resulting from this exposure.

Closed-loop pump stations are used in systems which contain the fluid in a closed piping circuit. Sealed from the environment, closed-loop pump stations are easy to keep clean and corrosion-free to protect facility equipment.

CleanLOOP CX Series Pump Station

The CleanLOOP CX Pump Station is a robust, closed-loop system for circulating treated water through the facility, protecting equipment from corrosion and scaling.

OpenLOOP HC Series Pump Station

The OpenLOOP HC Pump Station is a packaged, open-loop water system featuring a dual-chambered, stainless steel tank.

OpenLOOP QLP Series Pump Station

The OpenLOOP QLP Pump Station is a packaged pump system designed specifically for heat-treating applications. The QLP safely isolates, filters, and cools quenchants with a centrifugal separator and a rugged plate heat exchanger.