LS Series Spot Cooler

Packaged air-cooled heat exchanger with integral pump, tank, and controls

The LS Series Spot Cooler is a reliable, low-maintenance packaged pump station with an integral heat exchanger. The heat exchanger, pump, tank, and piping are all enclosed in a sheet metal cabinet for protection and clean appearance. Often mounted next to the equipment to be cooled, the Spot Cooler cools process water to near-ambient.


The LS Spot Cooler continuously circulates fluid to the facility. Fans turn on and off as needed to regulate fluid temperature.


Spot Coolers are designed for easy installation and maintenance. Dry Coolers recommends seasonal cleaning of heat exchanger finned tubes.

Standard Features

  • Heavy-gauge galvanized cabinet for protection and clean appearance
  • Factory assembled and tested for easy installation
  • Temperature controller for fan cycling
  • Direct-drive propeller fan for low maintenance
  • Centrifugal circulating pump for trouble-free operation
  • Copper tubes with aluminum fins for efficient heat transfer
  • Expansion tank absorbs thermal expansion
  • Standard configurations with 1 or 2 fans

Options & Upgrades

  • City water autofill
  • Automatic power loss protection (city water cooling or diaphragm pump)
  • Stainless or poly tanks
  • Water-to-water heat exchangers
  • Multiple process circuits
  • Backup pumps
  • Pressure or temperature alarm