AquaVent AVF Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger

Forced-draft, air-cooled heat exchanger for high-temperature fluids

The AquaVent AVF is a reliable, low-maintenance, air-cooled heat exchanger. The AVF provides forced-draft cooling for closed-loop processes with a fluid temperature above 140°F. 


Inside the AVF, warm process fluid passes through a finned tube bundle. Fans mounted below the AVF push cool ambient air through the heat exchanger to cool the liquid, cycling on and off to maintain the desired fluid temperature.


The tube bundle must be protected from freeze damage. Dry Coolers can recommend a glycol–water mixture appropriate to your installed location.

Standard Features

  • Enclosed IP54 fan motors positioned away from hot air stream
  • Heavy-wall copper tube with aluminum fins for efficient heat transfer
  • Fin screen with top-mounted hail guard protects coil from damage
  • Powder-coated galvanneal housing for durable, clean finish
  • Standard sizes –  Available with 2, 3, or 4 fans (128–236″L x 42″W x 48″H)
  • Simple, robust design for reliability, low maintenance, and long life

Options & Upgrades

  • Customizable tube and fin materials
  • NEMA frame fan motors
  • Explosion-proof motors
  • Factory-mounted pumps and tanks