Low sound, small foot print pump station

Oxford, MI

Enclosed pump station

A customer needed to cool their vacuum furnace in Western Europe.  Due to space constraints, the pumping system needed to be as small as possible.  A pumping system was built that had furnace pump with back up pump and cooling tower pump with back up pump all in an enclosed structure with the 900 gallon stainless steel tank in a half cylinder tank on top. A powerloss diaphragm pump is also supplied to supply emergency cooling during power failures.  All five pumps are enclosed on this skid.

The skid is enclosed with sheet metal architectural panels with insulation to minimize the noise coming from the pumps.  Unit was fully tested, sound checked, and readied for export.

Project Goal

Low noise level for operators working nearby and smallest possible foot print.

Project Results

All goals met. Low noise, small foot print, and added result of a visually attractive pump station.