American Craftsmanship at Its Finest.

With in-house engineering, design, & full fabrication of each system, the team at Dry Coolers makes clean efficient cooling a reality for another customer. All stainless steel, 1600 GPM process cooling system and 4000 gallon tank.

CleanLOOP Vacuum Furnace Pump Station

Compact, reliable, and efficient. Designed to meet the rigors of continual operation of your critical equipment. CleanLOOP pump stations are our most popular, time tested systems. Thousands of customers around the world have come to love our thoughtful rugged design, because when you choose Dry Coolers Inc., your equipment stays running.

CleanLOOP Water Pump Station for Vacuum Debind and Sintering Furnace

Dry Coolers’ CleanLOOP water pump station for vacuum debind and sintering furnace is used in combination with our AquaVent AVI Air Cooled Heat Exchangers for trouble free closed loop cooling. Keeps contaminants from entering cooling fluid allowing minimal downtime and uninterrupted production.

Tower Water Pump Station with Stainless Steel Tank

Corrosion Resistant Evaporative Cooling System – 350gpm Tower Water Pump Station with Stainless Steel Tank. Customers often use in combination with our CleanLoop pump stations, keeping equipment protected from damage. Stainless steel tank design resists corrosion from harsh tower water.

QFS Quenchant Oil Filtration System

60 gpm quench oil filtration system with controls.  25 micron filtration with stainless steel P2 bag filter and hot oil pump. Easy access bag filter makes removing the solids from quench solution a breeze. Our compact design accomplishes minimal footprint required to save valuable plant space.

Solanus Quench Oil Cooler

From a mini single fan Solanus Quench force draft oil cooler, to this 6 Fan 6 meter long Solanus Quench BEAST! We have capabilities in house to meet your need and exceed your expectations. Solanus 6-Fan Quench Tank Oil Cooler, SQC-25×6-6M, 6600 lb/hr

ExoShed with Tower

A customer in the Southeast USA just purchased a new vacuum furnace with plans to buy another vacuum furnace in next year.  The Dry Coolers ExoShed cooling system will be used to support the heat treating of saw blades, hole saws and other tooling. The cooling system was specified for a 700 GPM water flow […]