OHC-1402: OHC OpenLOOP Tower Water Pump Station

OPENLOOP HC Series Pump Station are designed to circulate evaporative tower water through your plant to cool your equipment. Anyone who has worked with a cooling tower knows that they can be a maintenance headache due to the corrosive nature of tower water and potential for freezing in winter.

Dry Coolers’ OPENLOOP HC Series pump station can help! The all-stainless
steel tank eliminates corrosion in the tank. The hot and cold sides of the system make it ideal for temperature control and freeze protection. With a proper water treatment system, the OHC Series pump station will keep your equipment cool and protected from corrosion for the life of your equipment!

Smart and Cool

The main feature of the OHC Series is the all stainless steel tank with partition that separates the hot from cold sides of the tank. An independent tower pump circulates water from the hot side of the tank up to the cooling tower and back to the cold side of the tank. As needed, the tower pump and tower fan automatically power-up to provide reliable and consistent temperature control for the plant supply water. Dry Coolers provides control systems that will deliver consistent supply temperatures to your factory.