SQC-EN50 Solanus Series Air Cooled Quench Coolers

Air Cooled Quench Oil Coolers Use No Water For Absolute Safety & Low Costs

Major Design Advantages

  • System Does Not Require Water, Protecting Your Facility from Steam Explosions Caused by Leaking Heat Exchangers
  • Direct Drive Forced Draft Propeller Fans for Maximum Energy Efficiency and Quiet Operation with No V-Belts to Maintain
  • Removable Coverplate Headers and Inspection Port for Complete Visual and Mechanical Access to Tubes
  • Straight-Through Tube Design and 25mm Heavy Wall Tubing to Ensure Long System Lifespan and Prevent Tube Erosion (Unlike U-bend Style Units)
  • Sliding Rail System Compensates for Thermal Expansion to Eliminate Stress on Tubes Regardless of Temperature Changes

Standard Features

  • Powdercoated Galvannealed Sheet Metal
  • One Piece Fan Design for Easy Access to Fins and Motor
  • Inspection Port Allows for Easy Examination of Tubes Without Disconnecting Process Pipe Connections

Optional Components

  • Pre-Wired to Safety Switch with» Circuit Breaker
  • Removable Corrosion-Resistant Fin Guard
  • Pump and Control Panel

4 Great Reasons to Get a Solanus Quench Oil Cooler: Safety, Quality, Reliability, Low Operating Cost

Designed specifically for quenching applications in the heat treating industry, Solanus Air Cooled Quench Oil Coolers incorporate quality engineered state-of-the-art features optimized by 3D solid modeling for the ultimate in reliability and maintainability.

Solanus quench coolers are a totally safe method of cooling quench oil baths compared to water-cooled systems.  Using ambient air as the cooling medium, there is no chance of contaminating oil quench tanks with water, which can cause disastrous explosions and fires.  Large diameter tubes (25mm OD) with heavy wall thickness allow thermally efficient turbulent flow without the use of internal turbulators.

The scrubbing action of the quenchant effectively eliminates tube fouling and plugging of the heat exchanger tubes, even with dirty quench fluid. Removable coverplate headers and straight-through tube design provide easy access for mechanical tube cleaning if necessary.

A variety of pumps and temperature controls are optionally available to complete the system.

Uses No Water For Cooling

The Solanus system does not use water – instead relying on the air around us to provide safe, cheap and reliable cooling. The Solanus is designed to work with dirty quench media – and keep working under heavy use. Because water can be extremely dangerous to your workers, equipment and productivity the Solanus Air Cooled Quench Oil Cooler is an invaluable part of any furnace system.

Efficient Design

Installation is simple and standardized. Once you’ve placed your quenching equipment, two simple pipe connections are all that is needed to integrate the Solanus into your plant. Our goal is to make high quality products that make our customers’ processes safer, simpler and more reliable. At every step of process Dry Coolers has designed the Solanus to be efficient, simple and effective. Our system is designed to ship in a standard container which means reduced shipping cost.

Pump Options

The Solanus is sold as a stand-alone product, ready to fit into your existing process and work with your existing equipment. Dry Coolers can provide high quality pumps at a competitive price and with unbeatable quality.