1200 Gallon Per Minute Plant Water Cooling System Installed

A major automotive supplier installed our TowerShed water cooling system for hydraulic oil press cooling. To save on valuable indoor floor space, an outdoor mechanical room TowerShed was specified. All water pumps, VFD controls, and evaporative cooling tower are installed outdoors.   The shed is heated for winter operation in midwest USA.

Northeast USA Firearm Manufacturer Adds Central Cooling System

A Dry Coolers customer in the northeastern USA was expanding production due to strong demand for its products and needed more water cooling. Dry Coolers’ space saving “outdoor mechanical room” or TowerShed™ was specified.  Designed to provide 1250 GPM of cooling water to the customer’s four vacuum heat treating furnaces.  All pumps and controls are […]

Recent Project Highlights

The machines that Dry Coolers manufactured this year are currently in operation all over the world working in a variety of different industries. Arc Energy, one of our newer customers, manufactures and sells industrial sapphire growing machines. These precious stones are mainly used in the production of LEDs and other electronics. This is another industry […]