LS-1411: Spot•Cooler CLEANLOOP Compact Cooler

The Spot•Cooler is a compact, CLEANLOOP cooling system that will protect your equipment from scale build up and prevent premature failure. Using an open loop water system leads dissolved minerals in cooling water to come out of solution on hot metal surfaces forming mineral scale. These deposits cause equipment to run hot, accelerate corrosion, and can completely clog cooling passages.

Essential Details

  • Zero Water Usage
  • Eliminates Fouling & Corrosion
  • Greatly Extends Equipment Life
  • Compact Unitized Design
  • Pre-Piped and Wired
  • Quiet Operation

Engineered for:

Atmosphere Furnaces Treating
Fan Bearings, Roller Hearths, Jackets, Seals, Exchangers

Test Cells

Dynamometer Cooling

Never Get Caught Without Cooling

The city water backup option provides emergency cooling during a loss of flow or loss of electrical power. This insures safe operation on furnace fan bearings, seals, and other temperature sensitive equipment. The option includes a prepiped automatic city water supply valve, overflow, and sight flow indicator.

Our Spot•Coolers have options for fan cycling, air and water filtration, and flow, level, and pressure alarms.

LS-1411 cover