FC-AVI-2007 AquaVent Free Cooler

The AquaVent Free Cooler supplements an existing process fluid chiller. During winter months, the Free Cooler uses free cold ambient air to handle the cooling load.

The Free Cooler delivers savings on energy costs, chiller maintenance, and installation. By responding automatically to ambient conditions, the Free Cooler maximizes free cooling with ambient air, at less than 25% of the cost of running a refrigerant chiller. Supplemental cooling provided by the Free Cooler saves wear on the compressor as well as energy costs—up to 75% savings for systems in northern climates. Installation costs and downtime are minimal, thanks to its factory-mounted circulating pump and controls.

By automatically turning the circulating pump and fans on and off based on ambient temperature, the Free Cooler maximizes savings and minimizes chiller use.