AVI Series Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

Aqua-Vent AVI Series Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

The AVI is a reliable, low-maintenance heat exchanger widely used in the metal treat industry. It rejects heat from your fluid directly to the ambient air by circulating the fluid through the inside of a copper tube bundle.

Air passing over the outside of the copper tubing cools the fluid. This simple system is highly efficient, quiet, and low energy.

The Aqua-Vent AVI Series air coolers come in two, three, or four fan configurations and can be arranged side-by-side or stacked on top of each other.


COATED FIN COIL: Copper tube heat exchanger with blue polymer coated aluminum fins for corrosion protection.

LOW NOISE FANS: Cast aluminum sickle blades for low noise. 

FAN DRIVES : Electronically commutated fan motors with built in frequency drive for smooth operation. UL Listed.

ACCURATE TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Fans speed up and down to regulate temperature. Excellent low ambient control.

HOUSING: Heavy gauge galvanneal steel with powder-coat and UV stabilizer suitable for outdoor service.

REPLACEABLE COIL: Designed with removable fan plenum for easy access to the heat exchanger.


STACKING: Legs designed to accept a future air cooler mounted on top. Reduces footprint.

ADIABATIC MIST-ASSIST: Additional trim-cooling during hot summer days.

COTTONWOOD SCREENS: Protects the coil from debris

SPOT-COOLER: Pump, tank, and controls can be mounted beneath the air cooler to make a stand-alone fluid cooling system.