AVR 1402: AquaVent AVR Series Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

AquaVent AVR Series Air Cooled Heat Exchangers are ideal for efficient, cost effective heat exchange with ambient air, capable of cooling your process to within 5 – 10° F (3 – 5° C) above ambient. These systems are simple, highly efficient, reliable machines.

When combined with the CLEANLOOP closed-loop pump station, the AquaVent air cooler becomes a corrosion resistant, maintenance free method of cooling. There is no need for water makeup, water treatment, water blowdown, unsightly open tanks, clogged strainers or equipment that has to be flushed and cleaned. Other than filling the AVR + CLEANLOOP system with the appropriate concentration of inhibited ethylene or glycol for freeze protection, your system arrives ready for a lifetime of work.