2012 Year in Review

Just a little over one year ago Dry Coolers moved locations to this new and much roomier facility at 575 S. Glaspie St. A year, almost 500 completed jobs, 80 new customers, and 15 new employees later things are running smoothly. We had our first Christmas party here at the new facility and while the location might have been new, there were plenty of old photos, even if some people wish they had remained forgotten.

Looking back on Christmases past reminds us just how long some of Dry Coolers employees have stayed with the company and Dry Coolers would like to acknowledge their loyalty.

Thank you all for your help and support! 

Brian Russell27 years 
Margy Russell27 years
Gary Russell21 years
Phil Noel 17 years
Matt Reed17 years
David Russell17 years
Timmy Brown17 years
Jessica Pilot15 years 
James Ervin13 years 
Justin Scott11 years
Frank Watson7 years
Tommy Midgley6 years (15 years overall) 
Joshua DuRussel     6 years 
Brie Hylla4 years
Ryan Goodrich4 years
Michael Moffett3 years
John Kennard2 years 
Frank Hitlan2 years 
Sheri Childers2 years
Phil Seamon2 years
Armand Blake1 year