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Coolant Temperature Conditioning Cart

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  • Project Goal
    Provide extremely precise temperature conrol over a very wide range of operating profiles
  • Project Result
    A custom machine that is capable of putting space shuttle components through their paces.
  • Project Location
    Cape Canaveral, FL


The United Space Alliance requirements for this project were quite rigorous. They use this machine for pre-flight and post-flight thermal evaluation of the onboard data-recorders for the space shuttle. This application required extreme precision over a very wide range of operating profiles.

We designed a machine that could incrementally change temperature quickly and accurately by providing highly variable flow and temperature controls. The control panel itself had to be a custom design that could be incorporated with the other testing equipment controls. The large changes in temperature also forced us to reconsider the physical mechanics of the machine, which would be experiencing rapid temperature changes itself. This machine is capable of extreme temperatures and very subtle temperature changes.