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Safe and Reliable Quench Oil Cooler

Industry Served
heat treat
Project Process(es)
Atmosphere Heat Treating Furnaces
  • Project Goal
    Provide a reliable and safe air cooled heat exchanger for the cooling of quench oil in a heat treat manufacturing line
  • Project Result
    High quality and reliable Solanus quench oil cooler with redundant fans to keep the continuous heat treating furnace quench tank cool in a safe and consistent manner.
  • Project Location
    Columbia, SC


A major manufacturer of automotive bearings in Southeast United States worked with Dry Coolers to size the proper quench oil cooler. Needs included only using air for a cooling media as water cooling quench oil is too dangerous.  Heat load was 200 kilograms per hour of bearing quality steel cooled from 900°C into a 80°C quench oil tank. A Solanus cooler with redundant external rotor quiet cooling fans was selected.  Customer provided a circulating pump and the controls.  Solanus cooler has been installed since October 2013.