Cooling System Selection Guide for Vacuum Furnaces and Induction

In what region of the country are you located? Let us help you select a cooling system that best suits your needs.

Dry Coolers Inc. has specialized in cooling vacuum furnaces and induction equipment for over 15 years. From small stand-alone furnaces to complex multi-furnace cooling systems, Dry Coolers has done it. We have a variety of standard packaged designs or weʼll design and build skid mounted systems customized for your facility. Come to the experts with hundreds of successful installations on vacuum furnaces worldwide. Weʼll be glad to help you select the optimum solution!

What Type of Furnace Cooling System is Best For You?


If you are located in a coastal region, northern climate, or at a higher elevation (blue region), then you are an ideal candidate for a closed-loop air-cooled system. Why air-cooled? Zero water usage, minimal system maintenance, zero water discharge, no chemical treatment, minimal power usage, no freezing, no filters to be cleaned, no tanks to be shoveled out, and most important —no furnace maintenance or repair due to corrosion, scaling, or deposits! Our happiest customers use closed-loop air-cooled systems. See our Aqua-Vent Series VAC bulletin for more information about Dry Coolers air-cooled furnace cooling systems.


If you are located in southern coastal regions or mid-USA (green region), then you may want to consider cooling your furnace with either a closed-loop air-cooled system or a closed-loop evaporative system. In this “middle” region, many customers will even combine the two systems. In this case, the air-cooled system is used for 10 months out of the year and then “trim cooled” with an evaporative system during the remaining hottest days of the summer. Dry Coolers will be glad to design a cooling system to best suit your needs.


If you are located in a southern climate where the summer high temperature regularly exceeds 96°F (orange region), then you should consider using a closed-loop evaporative system. Why? An evaporative cooling system will provide water temperatures that are well below the summer high ambient. Typically, an evaporative cooling tower system can provide 85-90°F water even in Texas where the ambient air temperature frequently exceeds 100°F! See our Aqua-Vent Series VSX or VXO bulletin for closed-loop evaporative cooling systems.


Does your location have EPA restrictions on discharging water?

Does your location have any chilled water, tower water, well water, or city water available?

Do you have experienced personnel that can maintain an evaporative water cooling system?

Do you have limited space available for a cooling system?

Let Dry Coolers, Inc. guide you through the selection process. Feel free to contact us!