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Fiberglass CounterFlow Evaporative Cooling Tower FGCT Series

Brochure Code
Bulletin FGCT - 1402


The FGCT Series Fiberglass Cooling Tower is a highly efficient counterflow evaporative tower designed
to efficiently cool your process water. Air enters through the air-inlet louvers on the side of the cooling tower and is drawn up through the fill material by the induced draft fan mounted on top of the tower. Warm water enters the top of the tower and cascades down through the fill material where it exchanges heat

with the air. In the process, a small amount of the water is evaporated and the cooled water gravity drains from the tower
basin to an indoor
OPENLOOP pump station.

Built To Last

The FGCT Series Fiberglass Counterflow
Evaporative Cooling tower is an excellent,
corrosion resistant alternative to a galvanized
cooling tower. The all-fiberglass construction
with polyester resin and UV inhibitor provides a
high resistance to corrosion, excellent weather
resistance, and has an aesthetically pleasing appearance. It has a one-piece seamless construction that eliminates water leakage, which means less wasted water and less freezing in the winter.


No Question, It WORKS

The FGCT series of cooling towers are the perfect fit for many cooling applications. Installed all over the world they can be used in any environment, on most any type of heat rejection process. These cooling towers in combination with Dry Coolers’ pump stations can be designed to offer the highest quality process cooling available.