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Spare Pumps

The Basics

Brand New, Never Used
See table below images for availability
American-Marsh 300REC 2.5x3x7RE
2.5x1.5-7-EC-AI-BCM  Kinetic Pump 3002K048  SCOT Pump 3083k439	   SCOT Pump 3124K183  SCOT Pump 3258K242W   ScottPump A3U-50-160-1150T3C	Ebara ACDU70/315T3C	Ebara MTH T51D-AB 3/4 HP 1Ø	   Universal Pump

From time to time Dry Coolers ends up with equipment that is not used in its assigned job. Whether due to changes in job specifications, or mis-ordering, these pumps are high quality, custom and brand new/never used parts that Dry Coolers has in its stock. Due to the custom nature of Dry Coolers equipment we find it hard to used these pumps in other jobs, but maybe you can find a use for them.

300REC 2.5x3x7RE American-Marsh Pumps 9706 2 Model 300REC 2.5x3x7RE (6.25” Impeller) Close-Coupled, Bronze-Fitted Pump w/5 HP, 1750 RPM, 184T Frame TEFC Motor (non-overloading). Power: 208-230-460/3Ph/60Hz. Rating: 200 GPM @ 35’ TDH.
10HC65366G-CEM3614T Oberdorfer 16761 2 1” Iron Oberdorfer Gear Pump, 5.5 gpm at 300 psi, 1200 RPM 10HC65366G-CEM3614T       includes the following components:
• ductile iron housing and covers, 500 psi
• hardened 8620 steel shafting
• 4340 steel gears
• carbon bearings
• viton mechanical seal, 'H Duty'
• special temperature clearance, 300F
• close coupled motor adapter
• motor- 2 hp @ 1200 rpm, tefc, 3/208-230/460, 7/3.5 fla, 1.15 sf, premium efficiency, rigid base, (3 yr warranty)
• 5.5 GPM @ 1200 rpm at 300 psi
• 1" NPT
3098K028W SCOT Pump NA 1  NA
2.5x1.5-7-EC-AI-BCM Kinetic Pump 14628 1 KP-2.5X1.5-7, 7.5 HP, 3500 RPM, TEFC, 5.5” DIA Close-Coupled, Iron-Fitted Pump, JM Frame Motor, BN-CM Mechanical Seal. 5.5” Diameter Impeller (non-overloading),
ELECTRICAL: 230-460/3Ph/60Hz. 
RATING: 135 GPM @ 45 psi
3002K048 SCOT Pump 16398 1 Motor Pump 11, 1 HP, 1.25”X1”, TEFC, 3500 RPM Standard Fitted, BN-CM Seal
4.88”  Impeller Diameter
3/50/60/200-230/460V, 15 GPM @ 40 PSI
A3U-50-160-1150T3C Ebara 1947 1 Ebara 3U-50-160-15 HP Pump, 304SS, TEFC, 3500 rpm, 2”x2.5”x6-9/16”, 460V/3Ø/60Hz, 250 gpm @ 160’ TDH
MTH T51D-AB 3/4 HP 1Ø Universal Pump 10436 1 MTH Turbine Pump, 3/4 HP, T51D-AB, All bronze construction, closed-coupled to a 3/4HP 3450 RPM, 230V/1Ø ODP motor. 1.25” NPT Suction x 1” NPT discharge.
Rating: 6 gpm @ 220’ TDH (or) 5 gpm @ 380’ TDH
3124K183 SCOT Pump 10179 1 Motor Pump 12B, 2HP, 1.25”X1”, TEFC, 3500 RPM, ALL BRONZE, J56, BN-CM Seal, 5.50” Impeller Diameter, 3/60/208-230-460V, 15 gpm @ 40 psi
3083k439 SCOT Pump 3803 1 Motor Pump 52B,10 HP, 2.5”X2” NPT TEFC, 3500 RPM, ALL BRONZE, JM215 Frame, BN-CM Seal 6.5” Impeller Diameter 
3/60/230-460V, 100 gpm @ 175’ TDH, 163 lbs
ACDU70/315T3C Ebara J-4692, DCI16800 2 Ebara CDU 70/3-1.5HP Pump, 304SS, TEFC, 3450 rpm, 1”x1.25”x5-3/16”, 230V/460V / 3Ø/60Hz, 20 gpm @ 90’ TDH, 56J frame motor, 4.6A/2.3A rating, 1.3 SF 3-Phase, TEFC, 230/460V, 3500RPM, 56J Frame Motor
Carbon-Ceramic-Viton Mechanical Seal
3258K242W Scot 14845 1 Motor Pump 126, 2HP, 1.25”X1.25”, TEFC, 60Hz, 380-400V/3/60 or 230-460/3/60, 3500 RPM, J56, Standard Fitted, BN-CM Seal, 5.25” Impeller Diameter, 35 gpm @ 35 psi SIZE: 1.25 X 1.25 NPT 
IMP. DIA.: 5.25 
HP: 2 
RPM: 3500

Please contact Dry Coolers for any infomation about these pumps, or any other pumping applications 





Dry Coolers specializes in custom systems built to precise specifications. We will work with you to develop a solution to your process cooling needs. Look over some of our custom work and get in touch with our sales staff to get started.