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Portable Air Cooled Chillers

If you're running city or well water through your machinery for cooling you're wasting money.

The Basics

Indoor point-of-use applications
Integrated pump and tank for plug and play installation
Crankcase heater & suction line accumulator
Insulated water lines & reservoir
Digital indicating microprocessor temperature controller
Flow switch & low temp alarm for freeze protection
High & low refrigerant pressure indication
Direct drive propeller fans
Filter drier & refrigerant sight glass
Rugged steel housing removable for easy access
Pre-charged & pre-wired for easy installation

Optional Features

2 - 30 tons
Available with casters or skid mounted
Hot gas bypass for reduced load operation
Emergency backup cooling systems
PAC Air Cooled Chiller with air filters removed
PAC Series Portable air-cooled chillers Air-cooled portable chiller with removable air inlet screens

With water bills and sewer charges increasing at a rapid pace with no relief in sight, it's time to consider closing the loop. A low maintenance Omni-Chill packaged water chiller recirculates your water through a refrigerant system to give you inexpensive, reliable heat transfer.

Complete systems include integrated pumping systems, electrical control panels and full refrigerant safety controls. Standard systems are pre-charged and ready to run. Water cooled and air cooled units are available from 1/2 ton through 200 tons. Options include: non-ferrous construction, casters, hot gas bypass for reduced load operation, emergency backup cooling systems, etc. Dry Coolers can meet almost any specification with a standard or custom built cooling package.
Stop wasting valuable fresh water for process cooling.

Look into our easy- to-install packaged chiller units today. One of our knowledgeable application engineers will be ready to assist you in designing a more efficient method of cooling your process. An Omni-Chill chiller is compact in size, but big in quality and reliability.



Dry Coolers specializes in custom systems built to precise specifications. We will work with you to develop a solution to your process cooling needs. Look over some of our custom work and get in touch with our sales staff to get started.