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Fluid Heat Exchangers

Fluid heat exchangers are used to pass heat from one fluid to another without the fluids coming into physical contact. 

When isolating one loop from another, we protect one process from the other. This can be important if one of the fluids is contaminated, or if the transfer of heat is between different types of fluids (e.g. water, quench oil, acid, glycol, fuel) or between fluids at different pressures and flow rates. They can also be used to reclaim waste heat for preheating other processes, heating the work environment, or cleaning.

These high efficiency heat transfer devices are essential to any process that involves heating or cooling. Fluid heat exchangers come in different forms, the most popular of which are Plate & Frame and Shell & Tube.

At Dry Coolers, we specialize in making high quality heat exchangers for whatever application you require. We can provide you with a heat exchanger that can meet any flow rate, pressure, or temperature need. We also produce pumping stations and holding tanks that are necessary components of any heat exchange system.