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Cooling Towers

Flexible low cost cooling solution

The Basics

Cools by evaporating a small portion (~1.5% ) of recirculating water
Maintains temperature to within 3°F of wet bulb ambient
Saves approximately 97% of water compared to tap water systems
Stainless steel indoor sump for freeze protection
15-425 Nominal Tonnage

Optional Features

Stainless steel or fiberglass cooling tower construction
High temperature fill for operation to 140°F
Backup pumps
Isolated plant water systems via heat exchanger or closed circuit evaporative tower
Cooling tower stands
Elevated tanks
Fiberglass cooling tower
Fiberglass Cooling Tower Cooling Tower

Cooling towers use evaporation of process water to cool the system. Water is dripped through the tower where some is evaporated, taking the heat with it. Automated cooling pumps activate in stages, as required to meet changing process flow demand. A PLC with touch screen control & instrument display for diagnostics, data logging, & communication with plant’s master system guarantees smooth operation. These popular cooling solutions provide cooling with the minimal initial investment and offer significant water savings when compared with using tap water cooling options.

With optional stainless steel or fiberglass constuction and standard package sizes ranging from 15 to 425 tons we can find a cooling tower for any any application. Dry Coolers can also provide you with high quality pumping and filtration solutions to integrate the cooling tower with the rest of your process. 

All of this mechanical equipment and instrumentation is in a packaged system on a skid for easy installation and integration into existing plant systems and layout



Dry Coolers specializes in custom systems built to precise specifications. We will work with you to develop a solution to your process cooling needs. Look over some of our custom work and get in touch with our sales staff to get started.