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CLEANLOOP Pump Stations

Protect your equipment from clogging and contamination

The Basics

Closed Loop keeps cooling medium isolated from process equipment
Eliminates cross system contamination
Adds flexibility by allowing heat transfer between different types of fluids

Optional Features

Full-capacity duplex (dual) back-up pump
Emergency air operated diaphragm pumps
Stainless steel wetted components
Non-ferrous compatibility

CleanLoop systems are one of Dry Coolers’ specialties. Closed loop systems maximize reliability by isolating your process equipment from hard, corrosive plant or “city” cooling water. Isolated loops help to protect and reduce cost of maintenance over the life of your process equipment. Closed loop systems can be used with a variety of fluids, including water, glycol, oils and other cooling mediums. We can also work with any combination of fluids, pressures, flow rates, and non-ferrous requirements. The Cleanloop system insures that dirty cooling tower water will never contaminate the rest of your process equipment. Because protecting your process equipment, personel, plant efficiency and customer products are Dry Coolers' Priority. Please call Dry Coolers Inc or your local representative to find out more!



Dry Coolers specializes in custom systems built to precise specifications. We will work with you to develop a solution to your process cooling needs. Look over some of our custom work and get in touch with our sales staff to get started.