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Chiller Systems

Chiller System
Chiller System

Mechanical refrigeration chiller systems utilize the compression, condensation, and expansion of specialized refrigerant material to provide temperatures lower than ambient temperatures. Chillers can be designed for any application, from 2 ton portable chillers to 400 ton cooling systems, all of which reach fluid temperatures as low as 32°f (0°C). These machines are designed to supply a consistent temperature supply no matter the operating conditions, whether inside or out, air-cooled or water-cooled, ferrous or non-ferrous. We use R-134a, R-407C, R-507 and HFC 134A(Non-ozone depleting) refrigerants and always produce environmentally friendly machines that meet UL, CSA, CE regulations, often qualifying for “green” tax incentives. We can utilize scroll, reciprocating and screw compressors, Ethernet operated remote monitoring interface systems and easy to clean condenser filters. We can also customize your machine to interface with various network communication protocols or specialty fluids and gasses including corrosive materials or volatile fuels. Our chiller systems also offer heat recuperation options, coolant storage tanks, and are capable of high pressure refrigerated pumping.