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Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

AVI, dry cooler, stack, stacked, air cooled heat exchanger

Principle of Operation

Fans draw (or force) air over a highly efficient heat transfer surface. Hot fluid flowing through the tube rejects heat to the air. Heat exchangers can be configured for vertical up airflow (standard) or horizontal airflow (optional).

Simple Standards, Endless Options

At Dry Coolers, we manufacture heat exchangers to fit many unique processes, with fluid temperatures ranging from -20°F up to 300°F (-30°C to 150°C). We offer many options for air coolers including induced draft, forced draft, custom coil geometries and materials.

We also offer a variety of fan and motor options - standard fans are direct drive propeller type, but other options such as V-belt drive, centrifugal blowers and non-sparking blades are also available. If you have non-standard fan needs, contact our sales department and we can find the right solution for you. In general, our motors are high efficiency, ODP, Nema type. We can provide explosion proof, ultra high efficiency, severe duty motors and more where required. We build with global needs in mind, as a result voltages are available for service anywhere in the world.

While copper is the most widely used tubing and aluminum the most widely used fin material, Dry Coolers can supply many alternative materials and joining methods for challenging applications. For example non-ferrous methods or enhanced corrosion protection including electroplated fins and epoxy coating of the entire tube bundle.