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Applied Engineering

Dry Coolers has the unique ability to design, engineer and manufacture customized solutions in a single facility. Our Oxford, Michigan factory allows us to provide end to end services for you. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver cost-effective efficient systems engineered to meet your specific application needs.

Dry Coolers systems are completely assembled, tested and skid mounted. Details are thoroughly engineered by our experts so that your system will be custom built to fit your space requirements and orientation, which means quick installation.

Standard proven designs and detailed instructions provide rapid start-up without the expense of on-site engineering and fabrication. A main power drop and straight runs of piping are usually all that is required. Many times this can be done in-house by your personnel, saving on the cost of hiring contractors and/or architect engineers.

You'll save money even before the system is put into operation. And of course you have the peace of mind knowing that your cooling system will be matched to your requirements.

We can meet specifications and codes (CE, UL, ASME)* anywhere in the world.

Electrical panel design and construction to CE, UL508a, and NEC Heating and cooling temperature control units (United Space Alliance) Large ventilation, heat recovery cooling project for computer rooms in an urban setting.

Custom engineered chiller system for quenching transmission components.

Industries Served

Air Compressors
Automotive Manufacturing
Cannabis grow house
Cannibis grow house
Coal Storage
Data center
Food Processing
Fuel Cells
heat treat
Heat Treating
Metal Finishing
Mining and Minerals
Power Generation
Tire Manufacturing

Typical Processes

Plating and Anodizing

Acid Baths

Atmosphere Heat Treating Furnaces

Fan Bearings
Fuel Cell Reformers
Jackets and Seals
Protective Atmospheres
Quench Solutions

Induction Cooling

Heating Coils
Power Supplies
Quench Baths

Power Generation

Natural Gas Cogeneration