Omni-Chill IFC Series Mechanical Chiller with Integrated Free Cooler

Slash operating costs! Integrated Free Coolers automatically offload refrigeration compressors in cool weather.

These integrated cooling/chilling systems are the perfect compromise between the high-energy efficiency of air-cooled heat exchangers and consistent temperature control of industrial chillers. 


During cool weather the “free-cooler” or watersize economizer is capable of handling the entire cooling load. During warm weather, when the “free-coolers” cannot cool as efficiently they cannot keep up with the cooling requirements so the system automatically switches the chiller system on to provide supplemental cooling.

Standard Features

  • Uses cool ambient air to directly cool your process fluid allowing compressors to be turned off and saving energy
  • Maintenance free automatic system switches chiller on and off according to ambient temperature
  • Lower yearly chiller running hours guarantees long system life span

Options & Upgrades

  • Fully customizable system that can be made to fit any application or cooling requirements