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ThermoFlow Plate and Frame

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Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

  • Stainless Steel Plates
  • High Efficiency
  • Cleanable
  • Expandable
  • Clip-on Gaskets
  • Rapid Delivery

ThermoFlow™ heat exchangers come in a wide variety of sizes and plate configurations. 

ThermoFlow™ plates feature high theta value designs and clip-on gaskets in Buna, Nitrile or Viton.

Plates are stamped in AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel and titanium. 

Thermally "long" and "short" designs can be mixed ina single heat exchanger to optimize thermal efficiency and pressure drop for a particular application. 

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The construction of the inlet port makes a perfect distributionof the liquids across the heat transfer surfaces. The inlet port is stamped with grooves preventing “dead spots” which maycause the growth of bacteria in the plate heat exchanger. The grooved inlet ensures a strong inlet port with a minimum ofcontact points. The inlet ports are constructed with a leakage drain zone meeting 3A sanitary specifications. The plate pattern is constructed to obtain a high thermal efficiency. The pattern is available in high and low theta designs that canbe combined in a plate pack to optimize heat transfer andpressure drop.


In order to strengthen the gasket groove ThermoFlow™ plates have deep steep-edged grooves to trap the gasket. This facilitates gasket replacement and ensures long plate life.


The gasket is placed in a totally protected gasket groove. This construction helps prolong the elasticity of the gasket. Our newestgeneration of plate heat exchangers incorporates a glueless clip-on gasket. The gasket is held in place by durable rubber buttons which (contrary to most glueless gaskets of today) really fix the gasket in the groove.


Free Flow plates are designed for liquids containing fibers or other particles which may clog up a traditional plate heat exchanger. Free Flow plates are designed without metal contact between the plates in the liquid area giving a highturbulence and a high heat transfer coefficient while avoiding clogging.

Further advantages and Areas of Application

  • Heavy plate construction makes a strong and stable plate
  • Well-suited for paper, cellulose and ethanol industries
  • Ideal solution for mustard, tomato sauces, sugar beets and other viscous products
  • CIP-cleaning is possible
  • Plates and gaskets constructed according to 3A sanitary standards.
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