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OPENLOOP Tower water Pump Station OHC Series

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Aqua-Vent - Evaporative Cooling Tower Systems - OHC Series

  • Skid mounted for easy installation
  • Standard packages from 15 to 500 tons
  • Custom specifications are welcome
  • Evaporative Cooling Tower with optional stand 
  • Gravity drains to indoor sump for freeze protection
  • Hot Well / Cold Well design for maximum efficiency
  • Stainless steel reservoir with removable cover
  • Electrical Panel
  • Backup pump for process & tower auto starts with alarm
  • Bag filter receptacle for removing contaminants— - zero water discharge
  • Centrifugal separator eliminates suspended solids
  • Full stream protection
More Quality Features:
  • Liquid level sight glass
  • Digital indicating temperature controller
  • Low water level cutout switch with alarm
  • Fused disconnect
  • Pilot lights for pumps and fans
  • Selector switches for manual or automatic operation
Note: Btu/hr = MBH x1000. Based on 78°F wet bulb ambient air and 95°F entering, 85°F leaving. Dimensions are subject to change. Consult factory for certified drawings. Consult factory for larger sizes.