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Omni-Chill Process Chillers

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Highest Reliablity for Industrial Applications


Air Cooled25 Ton Indoor/Outdoor Air Cooled Chiller with Tank and Pump

  • Rejects waste heat to atmosphere
  • Oversized condenser for high ambient air temp  
  • Waste heat recoverable as warm, dry air 
  • Integral pump, tank and digital controls
  • Skid-mounted -self-contained 


Water Cooled 30 Ton Indoor Water Cooled Laser Chiller Circulating De-ionized Water for Automobile Manufacturer

  • Rejects heat to evaporative cooling tower 
  • Water regulating valve minimizes water usage
  • Packaged with or without tank and pump 
  • Waste heat recuperation available
  • Reduces noise and heat on the production floor 


Style3 Ton Air Cooled Portable Chiller with Tank and Pump3 Ton Air Cooled Portable Chiller with Tank and Pump

  • Portable 
  • Plug and play design 
  • Quick disconnects available 
  • Air or water cooled condensers available 
  • Casters or skid-mounted packages 
  • Complete with pump, tank and controls
Central System60 Ton Water Cooled with Variable Capacity Screw Compressor
  • Single systems up to 400 tons -1000 GPM 
  • Available with pre-insulated pumping stations 
  • Screw compressors 
  • PLC controls with alarm history  
  • Many communication protocols available 
  • Fully redundant systems offered 
Our Commitment to Quality
Every Omni-Chill™ is thoroughly application and site conditions. We tested and run-off before shipment to have solutions for almost any challengeensure a smooth startup. Dry Coolers is including high ambient air temperaturesISO 9001:2000 certified and we have up to 122°F (50°C) or ambient air asdemonstrated our commitment to quality low as -25°F (-31°C). Our ability toand reliability in thousands of successful ensure continuous operation in dirty installations worldwide. Our engineers manufacturing environments with rapid will help select the best system for your thermal cycles is superior to commercial grade equipment. We offer emergency backup cooling for mission-critical systems, and hybrid designs using aircooled heat exchangers or evaporativecooling towers for increased efficiency. We are proud of our reputation for innovation and we constantly evaluate and adopt state-of-the-art technology.
Standard Options
50 Ton Outdoor Air Cooled Chiller with Remote and Local Operator Interface
  • R-22, R134a, R407C, R507
  • Temperatures from -20ºF to 90ºF 
  • Scroll, Reciprocating, or Screw Compressors  
  • Remote Operator Interface 
  • Ethernet Connectivity via Browser 
  • Indoor or Outdoor Models -Split Systems 
  • Non-ferrous Wetted Components 
  • Cleanable Condenser Filters 
  • Construction to meet UL, CSA, CE 
Custom OptionsPrecision Temperature Control Unit Programmable Heating and Cooling with adjustable Ramp & Soak ±0.5°C15 Ton Synthetic Oil Cooler for Semi-conductor Manufacturing Process 115 Ton Synthetic Oil Cooler for Semi-conductor Manufacturing Process 2

  • Various Communication Protocols 
  • Explosion-Proof Construction 
  • Specific Name-Brand Components  
  • Specialty Fluids or Gases  
  • Temperature Control Units (Heating/Cooling)  
  • Warm Air or Water Heat Recuperation  
  • High Pressure Pumping Systems 

“Free” Coolers  3-Way valve bypasses air cooled exchanger when ambient air is too warm
  • Cool with ambient air in cold climates 
  • Offloads compressors in winter  
  • Saves energy  
  • Fully automatic operation  
  • Saves wear and tear on compressor 
Omni-Chill - The Right Choice

PurchasingOutdoor Air Cooled Chiller with Pump and Insulated Tank

You’ll purchase a complete skid-mounted system designed by experts. It’s headache free one-stop purchasing.

Save hours of engineering and fabrication time. With an Omni-Chill cooling system from Dry Coolers you get the right design, prudently engineered with quality components, and flexibility to suit your application. 
Installation Skid-Mounted Insulated Pumping System
All necessary valves, controls and gauges are pre-installed, so in-plant piping is streamlined. Running field wiring from the power supply and piping to your equipment typically completes the installation. A thorough, yet easy-to-read installation, operation and maintenance manual is prepared for each order.

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