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Air Cooled System Chillers

Omni-Chill air cooled chillers provide reliable, low-cost refrigeration for demanding industrial processes

Operating Range

High Temperature

+140° F

Low Temperature

0° F

The Basics

Indoor or outdoor installations
Remote condensors available (split systems)
Standard model 10 - 100 tons
Pre-insulated pump, piping and tank
Factory run-tested for easy and sure start up

Optional Features

Condenser air filter screens
Remote communications
"Free" coolers for reduced operating cost in cool climates

From small point-of-use portable units to large central chilling systems, Dry Coolers has the experience to design the most reliable equipment for 24 hour, 365 days per year operation. Utilizing proven, state-of-the-art compressors, electronic expansion valves, and PLC control, Omni-Chill™ units can be built to overcome the most severe conditions.  

Low or no load operation, low or high ambient air conditions, high temperature setpoints, rapid cyclical thermal loading, pump dead-heading - these conditions will cause most commercial or light industrial units to fail, while an Omni-Chill™ will keep on running and keep your process cool.

These systems can also be strung together to create larger system wide chillers. They come skid mounted for easy installation and include integrated tank, pump, and digital controls. The Omni-Chill™ also offers heat recuperation, full system integration and system redundancy.



Dry Coolers specializes in custom systems built to precise specifications. We will work with you to develop a solution to your process cooling needs. Look over some of our custom work and get in touch with our sales staff to get started.