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Vacuum Furnaces

Two Vacuum Furnaces with Control Unit, photo courtesy of Nevada Heat Treat

Dry Coolers has been designing and manufacturing cooling systems for furnace manufactures and heat treaters for nearly 30 years. We have built furnace cooling packages (FCP) for systems as small as 5 gpm for a single furnace up to 4000 gpm for multiple furnace applications.

The majority of these Furnace Cooling Packages (FCP) fall into two (2) categories:

  • Air-Cooled – air-cooled furnace cooling systems
  • Evaporative – tower / plate & frame furnace cooling systems

Both types of systems use the CLEANLOOP “closed-loop” pump station and are designed to meet the rigorous demands of a furnace quench cycle. When properly installed and treated, these systems will protect your piping and furnaces for the entire life of the equipment.

Where possible, we like customers to consider the Air-Cooled systems due to the low environmental impact (no water usage and low energy) and minimal maintenance. Air-cooled systems operate best in relatively cooler climates since they are indirectly exchanging heat with the ambient air. Use the following map as a guide to determine if your area might be best suited for an air-cooled system evaporative system.

Cooling System Selection Map for North America

Dry Coolers would be pleased to help guide you to the system that best fits your location, footprint, and economics.